4 Fantasy sequels I’m dying for in 2018

Long time no-speak guys!

Today I’m writing about 4 books that I’m quite excited to get my hands on in 2018. Some of these are more urgent than others, but either way – I think 2018 will be a good year for publishing!

1. Grey Sister (Book of the Ancestor #2)9781101988886_GreySister_FCOmech.indd

I’ve not written a review of it yet because I want to do it justice (I’m planning a reread of it this year and I have the audiobook to get through as well), but this has to be the book I’m most looking forward to reading in 2018. I loved the world that Lawrence made for this series and I have an (a?) hypothesis or two as to how the Book of the Ancestor world was made and formed. Either way, I’m desperate to return to Nona Grey and see how she’s fared, as well as my beloved Sister Kettle and Sister Apple!

2. Nevernight 3

I’ve loved this series so far and between Red Sister by Lawrence and Nevernight by Kristoff, they’ve made me into a hooked grimdark fan. I love the world that Kristoff has made and I think I’m into that whole “person goes to school thing and shenanigans ensue”. I guess it’s no coincidence that some of my top reads of 2017 involved assassin-boarding-schools. Maybe Harry Potter started off a trend for me… either way, I’m addicted! I’m eager to see how Kristoff will conclude this series and where he takes our girl, Mia Corvere.

 3. The Hyena & the Hawk (Echoes of the Fall #3)36161270

I have mixed feelings about this series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first, The Tiger and the Wolf but the second (The Bear and the Serpent) left me feeling a bit wanting. I just wanted Tchaikovsky to get to the point of who the bad-guys were and stop dithering about. That being said, despite my frustrations, I full intend to read the final edition in this series so I can finally see who the bad-guys are and why they’re coming.

4. Songwoman (Skin #2)36624923

I read the first in this duology in 2016 so I was surprised to find out that a second was to be released in 2018. I did enjoy the first in the book because I think Tampke did celtic-meets-magic well despite some seriously odd sex scenes. I will admit that Ailia does feel a tad Mary Sue but I am intrigued to see how the world continues and what Ailia does now, now that she has… well, power.

That’s all folks! Are there any books (fantasy or non-fantasy) that you’re excited to get your hands on this year?


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