Video game devs, take my money already!


My name is Rinn, and I think I have a problem.

I can’t stop buying video games when I already have so many unfinished ones.

And it certainly looks like 2019 is not going to help me on that front. There’s a lot of great releases that I’m really looking forward to! I also treated myself to a PS4 in December, which has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, and another game library that’s going to take me a lifetime to get through.

(All game titles link to respective Steam store pages, or websites if there isn’t one)


The Outer Worlds (TBA): Developed by Obsidian (who brought us Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, no less), The Outer Worlds is an open-world sci-fi RPG. It promises to have recruitable companion NPCs and dialogue decisions, amongst other things, but really I was just sold by the excellent trailer that was premiered at the Game Awards.


Dying Light 2 (TBA): The sequel to one of my favourite games played in 2018, I cannot WAIT for Dying Light 2. I was never a fan of zombie games until I tried Dying Light, and that was purely from watching some friends play it. The co-op is fantastic, and I hope this continues in the sequel.

maxresdefault (1)

Tunic (TBA): This game basically looks like a fox version of The Legend of Zelda aka it looks ADORABLE. And there’s no release date yet 😦


Mineko’s Night Market (TBA): I have been playing a lot of farming/exploration type games, such as Garden PawsMy Time at Portia and Stardew Valley, and this looks in a similar vein, although perhaps even more like Animal Crossing. And yet again – no release date!

And these are just a few of the games I have my eye on! Others include Willowbrooke Post (March), Concrete Genie (TBA), In the Valley of Gods (TBA), Babylon’s Fall (TBA), Control (TBA), Days Gone (April), Judgement(TBA), Sea of Solitude (TBA), Twin Mirror (TBA) and Crackdown 3 (released this month).

I also added Far Cry: New Dawn to this list, but I am currently playing/streaming it already and having an absolute blast!

What are you hoping to play this year? Do you have your eye on any of these titles?

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One thought on “Video game devs, take my money already!

  1. Louise ☆ says:

    Ahh, Tunic looks so cute!! There are so many games that I still have to play because I’m terrible at keeping up with new releases and I’m also broke. I wish I could be excited for Pokemon Shield and Sword coming out later in the year but the Switch is so expensive I’d have to sell my organs to get one 😭


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