About the Blog

Paper & Pixels was founded in November 2017. Both of us were previously book bloggers on separate blogs for several years, before deciding that we wanted to expand our subject matter but also work together. We have been awesome blogger friends since 2013/4, meeting in person for the first time at YALC/London Comic Con.

We love all things bookish (particularly fantasy, and also science fiction in Rinn’s case), happily binge watch our way through series and films, and are both massive museum nerds. As we both hold degrees in archaeology/anthropology, this might be something you see crop up on the blog on occasion.

In addition, you’re likely to see posts on video games (Rinn’s other love equal to books), board/card games (a particular passion of Claire’s), travel and culture, as well as whatever else we feel like.

This blog is intended to be a lot more casual than our previous blogs: no regular scheduled features, purely posting when we feel like it and discussing whatever we want to talk about. We’re also aiming to be less obsessed with stats (so Rinn has to STOP with the weekly visitor spreadsheet), but you know what they say, old habits die hard…