Well this is awkward…

Well. Um, hi there. It’s been a while.

You may remember a post in April last year, claiming that Claire and I were busy, but we weren’t going anywhere and were planning on getting some more posts up soon.

Fast forward eight months and with the exception of one other post, we haven’t done much to the blog.

Well, I’ve recently realised how much I miss writing and the creative outlet of a blog. So I’ve resolved to make use of this blog again. Here’s what I plan on posting:

  • a monthly recap of what I’ve read
  • a monthly recap of what I’ve played
  • video game reviews/discussions of playthroughs
  • basically anything else I feel like discussing (nice and vague, eh?)

Less of an emphasis on book reviews this time, although my monthly recaps will contain my general thoughts on each book read. I’d really like to try my hand at writing about video games – after all, the reason we started this new blog was to expand our writing to media other than books.

But don’t get me wrong, I still don’t go anywhere without at least one book in my bag.



We’re still here!

Hello everyone.

I realise it has been a while since either Claire or I posted, but I just wanted to let you know that we’re still here. This blog was always meant to be a lot more relaxed/casual than our previous ones, so there may be times where you don’t hear much from us for a bit – either because we’re busy, or we’re just not in the right mood (and there’s nothing wrong with that!)

Currently I’ve been focusing a lot on my Twitch channel, and I plan on posting about my streaming journey so far soon.

See you around!



Paper & Pixels is on Facebook!

Paper Pixels

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Welcome to Paper & Pixels!

Welcome to Paper & Pixels!

This new blog is a joint venture between Rinn, formerly of Rinn Reads, and Claire, formerly of Bitches with Books. Whilst we have both been book blogging for several years, we started to feel a little disillusioned with it all, and felt completely unmotivated. As the thought of leaving the blogosphere completely was a bit too much (what else would we do with our spare time?!), and we’ve been great blogger friends for a while now, joining forces to create something new and fresh seemed like a good idea.

Instead of just blogging about books, we want to talk about everything. Books, video games, television, film, board games, travel, culture, pop culture – anything goes. So here’s a more detailed introduction to what you might expect from both of us on this blog…

Rinn: Of course I’ll still be sharing my thoughts on books (sci-fi and fantasy are my absolute FAVOURITES, along with travel and history non-fiction), but my main interest in this new venture is delving into video game discussion. I’ve been gaming my whole life (memories of my sister and I taking turns to complete levels of the original Tomb Raider, but our dad had to fight the T-rex because it was just too scary! 😉 ). I game on PC, am obsessed with Steam achievements and own a much larger video game collection than I’ll probably ever have time for. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are life, and I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings Online on and off for about six or seven years.

Other than video games, I watch way too many films and TV shows, so of course I’ll also be discussing those (any excuse for a Netflix binge), and whatever else comes to mind. I’m just super excited to have even more freedom with this new blog, and just take things as they come – no strict schedules or X number of posts per week, but whatever and whenever we feel like it.

Oh, and I will probably repost some of my best content from my old blog, Rinn Reads (still online, but no longer updated), because I spent SO MUCH of my life (okay maybe hyperbole but still a lot of time) writing that stuff.

Untitled presentation.jpg

Claire: Well hello, hello! I’m originally from The Bahamas but I’ve been in the UK for close to 3 years now, so I guess you could call this my new Home.

I’m a big book geek and devour any fantasy or grimdark that I can get my hands on, especially if it has a female lead. Actually, I pretty much only read books with female leads these days. I plan to share a lot about books with fantasy and grimdark taking center stage, naturally, but I’ll also post my thoughts on other genres such as nonfiction, feminist lit, literary fiction and historical fiction.

I’m not only a book geek though! I’ll post on digital console games (mostly handheld consoles like the 3DS and hopefully Switch games when I get my hands on it), miniature tabletop games, my partner and I are very into Descent, card games (anyone here a fan of the Fluxx series?), as well as films and occasionally TV. I also travel a heck ton for work and fun so there will be trip and event reviews and photos involved! Basically, if it’s geeky, I’ll post it.

I might occasionally repost some Bitches With Books stuff (I mean, I did write a lot of reviews) but it won’t be tons I promise. Stay sassy guys!

Here’s to our new adventure! Thank you to all followers, whether you’ve come over from our previous blogs or are just reading our words for the first time 🙂

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